Wine on Your Time

Must be 21 years or older to participate. Void where prohibited by law. Offer valid in the following states: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Virginia, West Virginia,  Wisconsin, and Wyoming. 

  • Wines for Spring 2023

    The Wines

  • Cheers


    By joining the series, you will receive membership in our private Facebook Group, as well as a link to a private Membership Portal with all the video replays and additional resources. During the live tastings or through the Facebook Group, I encourage participants to share their own feedback, post pictures of their food pairings, and engage with others in the group!

  • Live Tasting

    Live Tastings

    Every Thursday, I will go live on Zoom and Facebook Live at 7pm (and 9pm for a Late-Night option) to present about each wine while we all sample together virtually! I welcome engagement from participants, and I hope you can join LIVEFor those not active on Facebook, every participant will receive a weekly email with all replays and additional info that was shared. Plus, you can access all the resources within the included Membership Portal!

  • Recipe

    Wine Knowledge

    In addition the information presented in the live tastings, I will also provide additional articles and resources for those interested in diving a little deeper into specific wine topics. Food pairing is a big component of this series as well, so each week's wine will have a featured recipe along with other food pairing options. I encourage you to make the featured recipe or at least have some suggested foods to pair alongside.


Here are a few answers to my most common questions...

  • What if I don't like the wines?

  • Is this a subscription? Will I be charged again for future tasting series?

    No, you are not subscribing to anything. Should you choose to want to participate in future series, you will need to sign-up again and provide new payment information. 

  • What if I can't make each Thursday tasting?

  • Couldn't I just drink the six wines all at once when they arrive?

  • Can I share the virtual tasting series with a friend, spouse, or family member and taste together?

    Yes, I would love to have you share these wines with someone who can also join in the fun! If you'll be sharing the series with a friend, spouse, or family member, just let me know when you sign-up so I can invite them to join the private Facebook Group! I simply ask that they also get the opportunity to enjoy the wines with you. As we have adapted to new ways of doing things virtually, I've found these virtual events are also a great way to connect with friends and family across the country! Please feel free to refer your friends and family to sign-up to receive their own samples and participate remotely with you!

  • I'm not really active on Facebook. Will I be able to see the videos and receive the additional resources?

    Yes! Whether you're on Facebook or not, you're welcome to participate in this series! Of course, I encourage participation in our private Facebook Group, but if you cannot participate, don't worry! All replays and additional wine knowledge shared in the Facebook Group will also be posted in the Membership Portal area where you can access at any time! In addition, the Thursday Live Tastings are broadcast via both Zoom and Facebook Live, so if you're familiar with Zoom, you can simply login to that platform instead to participate!

  • ​How will the wines be shipped or delivered?

    All wines will be delivered in accordance with state and local liquor regulations. In most instances, we will utilize UPS to ship the wines. UPS requires the signature of a 21-year-old for any alcohol deliveries, so please provide a ship-to address that can receive the wine via UPS. UPS also allows delivery directly to any UPS Store for pickup. I will work directly with you regarding any concerns about delivery.​ 

I find myself looking forward to Thursday because I know I can join Wine on Your Time! You provide great recipes, both simple and more advanced, that always pair wonderfully with the wine of the week!

Karen C.

Excellent knowledge and enthusiasm during virtual tasting! Even though life is returning to normal I will be looking for and participating in another series if one is offered again in the future.

Darla J.

We have a lot of fun trying new wines and seeing what recipes make good food pairings. It gives us an opportunity to try new wines and foods. We have found some new favorites by doing these virtual tastings.

Gary M.